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The Terminals: Spark - Michael F. Stewart

Damn, I won this book in a giveaway a while back and it got completely lost in my email box. I should have read and reviewed it right after the giveaway but I only just found it in my inbox. 


But now that I found it it's high on my "to read"  list so hopefully I'll be able to review it after all. Better late than never I guess :(


Either way, apologies to the author Michael F. Stewart for the huge delay!

Ascendancy - Godswar Series Book 1

Ascendancy (The Godswar Saga) (Volume 1) - Jennifer Vale

A thousand years ago, a dying race of Immortals left behind an enduring legacy: the Ascendants, mortal men and women capable of binding hundreds or even thousands of others to their will. Together these “Bound” and their magic form the foundation of nearly every society in the world. But everything is about to change. A few rare mortals possess the ability to channel magic without an Ascendant bond, and these “Unbound” renegades finally have a leader: a gifted young sorceress bent on freeing those who share her power…no matter the cost.


This story starts out alright, you land in the middle of a war and once that is over you fast forward to about a decade later. Although it would have been nice to get a bit more background information immediately as to why the main characters chose the path they chose it's easy enough to follow.

It's halfway through the story that I get a bit lost. Different tribes are on the verge of war with each other and some tribes have people with agendas of their own. At first I thought I knew how many tribes there were, but with all the different agendas and secret collaborations going on I got confused as to how many there were and also who was betraying who. It can get a little confusing when people try to backstab 3 different people or tribes at the same time.



Towards the end the storyline starts to make sense again and becomes a little clearer to me. But I didn't really like having to read through it trying to connect the dots all time and having to go back to see what happened a little earlier. 

Overall I get where the author was going with this, and maybe I just didn't get all the backstabbing and betrayal. The ending could have been a bit more detailed. To me it ended a little abruptly and didn't really feel  "finished". But maybe book 2 fixes that..


I give it three starts because I like the general storyline. I first was thinking 2.5 because of all the confusion but I'm in a generous mood so 3 stars it is.

Source: http://she-travels.net/2015/02/book-ascendancy-godswar-series-1


The Twelve - Justin Cronin

Loved the first book, trying to get through this one without being confused...

Can't Stop Reading

Before They Are Hanged  - Joe Abercrombie

When I read the first installment of The First Law trilogy I liked it but not to a point where I had to read more. It surely was good enough to get me to read the second book, yet I didn't have too much expectations. 


Boy was I wrong! As soon as I started reading was hooked and found myself wondering what was next for any of the heroes in this story. I caught myself having empathy for all of them and hoping they would all be OK in the end.

Now that I have finished book two, I'm jumping right on board with book three just because I HAVE to know how it ends. 


I can honestly say I don't have a favourite character. There is something in all of them I truly like. So despite my first thoughts on the first installment, I think I can now say for sure; yes I'm hooked..

Reading progress update: I've read 251 out of 510 pages.

The Blade Itself - Joe Abercrombie

Slowly but surely making my way through, the more I read the more I like it. 

Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez Been a long time since I picked up a comic, but I'm glad I did. I love the idea of the mansion with the magical doors and even though it's pretty violent I just want to jump into #2.

Road to the Soul

Road to the Soul - Kim Falconer

I don't cry with movies but when I read a good book (like this one) where I get to know the characters, their motives, feelings and aspirations, it tears at my soul when something happens to them
Thank you Kim for another wonderful book!

Bella Italia / druk 1

Bella Italia - Suzanne Vermeer It is an easy to read book with short chapters, which makes it easy to get through it.

Unfortunately it's not one of Suzanne's best works. The story is very simple and predictable and, for me, misses a bit of background and information on the killer's way of thinking.

It's a nice read if your looking for a quick read with a decent story line to pass some time, but if you're looking for a fast-paced detail thriller, this is not for you.

Angel of Vengeance: The Novel that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight

Angel of Vengeance: The Novel  that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight - Trevor O. Munson Wow finally a more mature take on vampire stories amongst all the (pre)teen novels. I love the dark side of Mick Angel which makes it seem that being a vampire is much more like being a drug addict rather than a romantic thing. A well put together story of a P.I who happens to be a vampire and all the blood thirst and decay that comes with it. I really recommend reading it, whether you've watched Moonlight or not, it's an absolutely fresh take on the over romanticized vampire stories floating around these days. Two thumbs up!

I couldn't put it down and just had to make time to finish reading it, I even took it to work to be able to continue reading, something have not done before.

Skeleton Justice (Thorndike Crime Scene)

Skeleton Justice - Michael Baden, Linda Kenney Baden It's an easy read but the storyline is a bit slow, lacks investigative plots (everything investigated fits together too easily) and the ending is a little predictable and therefore disappointing.